Frightening footage shows horse falling on woman and pinning her to base of pond

This is the frightening moment a woman suffered life-changing injuries when a horse she was riding became spooked and fell on top of her in a pond.

Kelly Sword, 21, was riding her grandmother's horse Izzy when the 1,100lbs animal "flipped out", pushing its rider beneath the water of a shallow pond.

College student Kelly said she feared for her life when her foot became trapped in the stirrup, and she found herself beneath the belly of the adult horse.

Kelly, of Groveland, Florida, USA, said she believes her horse was "spooked" by a light below the water's surface. Following the incident she was rushed to hospital and one month later had surgery on her leg.

Business and accounting student Kelly now says she feel lucky to be alive, she told "I didn't feel pain in that moment, but afterwards I was in extraordinary pain, I tore my ACL and I broke my tibia. Doctors aren't sure I'll ever have full mobility in my leg again but I'm taking small steps. I'm exercising on the treadmill and trying to do my physical therapy at home."