TalkTalk leads the charge for fairer broadband with charter challenging the telecoms industry

TalkTalk has launched its Fairer Broadband Charter to challenge unfair industry practices as new research unveils the true extent of consumer frustration within the telecoms industry.

The research found that almost nine out of ten (87%) consumers think it's unfair that providers raise their broadband price mid-contract. Yet all major providers, except TalkTalk, have introduced a mid-contract broadband price increase in the last 18 months.

TalkTalk's Fairness Charter is the latest demonstration of its commitment to fairness and value. The three-point charter challenges the telecoms industry to end mid-contract broadband price hikes by promising that the price customers sign up to will be the same for the duration of their contract.

Tristia Harrison, CEO, TalkTalk said: "Telecoms companies have been ripping-off consumers for far too long. The industry has to change to rebuild trust with consumers. We led the way two years ago and became the first provider to guarantee no mid-contract price rises. It's proved hugely popular and today we're going even further. I'm challenging our rivals to follow our lead so that the whole industry can rebuild trust with customers."

TalkTalk's Fairer Broadband Charter

1. Ending unfair price rises

It's time to end unfair mid-contract price rises.

Customers can feel cheated when providers increase prices mid-way through a contract. TalkTalk is the only major broadband provider to guarantee no mid-contract broadband price rises across all its plans. It's an issue of trust. If customers sign a contract, they expect it to be honoured.

2. Delivering what we promise

We are challenging all providers to introduce a connection guarantee – allowing all new fibre customers to walk away if the speed and reliability of services falls short of what they were promised.

Customers need to have confidence than they'll get what they were promised. That's why we've introduced a Great Connection Guarantee, meaning new fibre customers are free to leave at any point for the first 30 days of going live if they're unhappy with the connection.

3. Rewarding loyalty

We are challenging all providers to proactively write to customers before their contract expires, warning them about any price rises and offering the option to re-contract at lower prices than standard out-of-contract pricing. That gives power back to customers and avoids hidden price increases.

For too long, providers have avoided warning customers when their contract is about to expire. That leaves too many customers paying more than they realise. Some customers may prefer the flexibility of being out of contract, but providers should warn them and allow customers to make an informed choice.

We will contact all customers before they come out of contract offering the best available deals. Furthermore we will contact all customers, including those out-of-contract, on an annual basis with a 'value update'. This will allow them to review their products and services helping to ensure they get the best deal for them.

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