Teenage deadlifter attacked by fellow gym goer teenager for being 'too noisy'

A Canadian gym witnessed this unpleasant scene earlier this year. Montreal resident Charles Lalonde, 19, was performing a deadlift routine when he was attacked by another gym member for being 'too loud'.

Footage recorded by Lalonde's personal trainer shows the teen performing a deadlift of 350 pounds when a man approaches his mat and pushes the bar down with his foot mid-lift. Lalonde momentarily recoils in pain and shock before standing up to the stranger who tells him "you're out, you're out. Did you understand what I just said? You're out!"

The two exchange heated words as onlookers in the gym stare. "You're f***ing nuts!" Lalonde shouts back. "Let me take my s***. What the f*** is wrong with you?" he asks as the now-banned member begins shoving him away from the deadlift mat.

The video has garnered nearly 10 million views since it was posted in August by Lalonde's personal trainer, who works remotely and relies on recordings of his clients.

Head of operations at Buzzfit gyms, Craig Johnson told the Montreal Gazette a staff member was suspended in connection to the recorded incident Thursday. However, Johnson added that the man in the video was not an employee, but was simply another member who he did not know well.

Following the huge number of views the video garnered, Charles Lalonde has received offers from several gyms, including SSP Barbell Club, and that he has left Buzzfit.