Key features of the new MacBook Air

Apple’s latest MacBook Air is the first device of its type to get the firm’s Retina display screen technology.

The thin, lightweight laptop has been redesigned for the first time since 2010 and now also supports Touch ID, meaning users can unlock the device and use Apple Pay using just their fingerprint.

The 13.3-inch display contains more than four million pixels and has 48% more colour than the previous generation Air, while the device is powered by improved processors, but is thinner and lighter than its previous incarnations.

Overall, the new MacBook Air is 17% smaller in volume and 10% thinner than the previous device.

The laptop’s keyboard and Trackpad have also been improved, with the Force Touch Trackpad introduced to the Air.

(Martyn Landi/PA)
(Martyn Landi/PA)

The new Air features two Thunderbolt 3 ports for connecting with other devices, while Apple says it will also offer up to 13 hours of battery life.

Apple claims the new Air is also the greenest Mac ever having created its body from 100% recycled aluminium.

The laptop goes on sale on November 7, starting at £1,199.