Boris Becker and estranged wife both issue divorce petitions in London

German tennis star Boris Becker and his estranged wife Lilly have accused each other of "unreasonable behaviour" during divorce court proceedings, a judge has been told.

Both had issued divorce petitions based on "unreasonable behaviour", Judge Sarah Gibbons heard at a hearing in the Central Family Court in London on Friday.

The judge analysed legal issues relating to the Beckers' planned divorce.

Neither Becker, 50, nor Mrs Becker, 42, were were in court but both were represented by lawyers.

Barrister Frances Harris led Becker's legal team and barrister Max Lewis led Mrs Becker's legal team.

Judge Gibbons sat in public but imposed limits on what could be revealed in media reports of the hearing.

She said Becker and Mrs Becker could be named and said journalists could report the nature of the central issue in the case and reveal Becker and Mrs Becker had each issued divorce petitions based on unreasonable behaviour.

A further hearing is scheduled for December 10.

Becker and Mrs Becker, who was born in the Netherlands, are embroiled in a separate dispute over money.

A judge analysing issues relating to the division of assets oversaw a private hearing at the Central Family Court in London on October 3.

Becker was not at that hearing but Mrs Becker was in court.

The judge, Recorder Fiona Hay, allowed journalists to attend that hearing but placed limits on what could be reported.

Another hearing centred on financial issues is also scheduled to take place on December 10.

Becker was declared bankrupt in 2017. He subsequently claimed diplomatic immunity following his appointment as an attache for the Central African Republic.

A judge analysed bankruptcy issues at a High Court hearing in London in June.

Becker, who will turn 51 on November 22, became the youngest men's singles champion at Wimbledon aged 17 in 1985.

He collected 49 singles titles in a career spanning more than two decades.