Harry hails Invictus families as role models

The Duke of Sussex has said he believes society can learn from Invictus Games competitors and their families.

Speaking on day three of the Games, being staged in Sydney, Harry highlighted the important role played by the partners of athletes taking part in the competition.

Harry, who is on a tour of Australia and other nations with wife Meghan, told the BBC’s Invictus Games 2018 show, being screened on Monday evening: “These Games are now taking it to a new level and really proving that you guys, and your families as well, are such incredible role models for everybody else out there.”

The duke is the driving force behind the Games, in which sick or injured servicemen and women, and military veterans, compete in sports as an aid to their recovery.

Harry added: “I always thought that society as a whole, whether it be in the UK, whether it be in Australia, whether it be anywhere in the world, society will always be better if we can learn off the way that these guys and their families carry out your day-to-day lives.”

Speaking to competitors, he added: “You are now role models… people need to be able to take strength off of what you guys are able to achieve.

“So thank you.”