Crown court judge reprimanded for speeding


A crown court judge has been reprimanded after admitting speeding.

Judge Stephen Climie, who oversees hearings at Guildford Crown Court, has been given “formal advice” after being fined £750 and handed six penalty points.

He had been the subject of a complaint to the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office.

Guildford Crown Court
Guildford Crown Court

Details of the reprimand have been outlined in a statement published on the office’s website.

The statement said Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary David Gauke, and Lord Chief Justice Lord Burnett had issued Judge Climie with formal advice.

It added: “Judge Climie’s conduct fell below the high standard expected of a judicial office holder.”

Earlier this month, the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office said High Court judge Mr Justice Timothy King had been reprimanded following a complaint about a “severe delay in producing a judgment”.

A spokesman said Mr Justice King had twice been reprimanded before for “delayed judgments”.

He said the judge had offered mitigation, including a serious family illness.