Teenagers locked up for ‘evil’ murder of expectant father

Five teenagers have been locked up for stabbing a man to death in an unprovoked attack as he returned home from a hospital appointment with his pregnant partner.

Father-of-four Daniel Frederick, 34, was “in the wrong place at the wrong time” on the afternoon of January 8, Judge Philip Katz QC said.

His teenage killers were “on a mission to do violence” when they armed themselves with blades and travelled to the Shakespeare estate in Stoke Newington, north London.

Mr Frederick was stabbed seven times in the back, buttocks and thigh, yards from his front door.

Kacper Karasinski
Kacper Karasinski

Judge Katz said: “This was a very public and truly shocking death. The attack was so quick that there were no defensive injuries.”

It is believed Mr Frederick was the innocent victim of violence involving youths from nearby estates and he was a “stranger” to his killers.

One of his attackers, aged 16, had sought revenge after his friend was attacked in prison by the local “Shakespeare Boys”, the Old Bailey heard.

The boy, who cannot be named for legal reasons, pleaded guilty to murder and was detained for life with a minimum term of 10 years.

Following a trial, Kacper Karasinski, 19, of Hackney, and a 17-year-old boy were found guilty of murder.

Karasinski was jailed for life with a minimum of 20 years while the youth was detained for at least 17 years.

Yigiter Gok
Yigiter Gok

Yigiter Gok, 18, of Stoke Newington, and another 17-year-old boy were found guilty of manslaughter by a majority of 11 to one.

Gok was sentenced to nine years behind bars and the younger boy to eight years.

All but one defendant – a 17-year-old boy – had previous convictions for carrying knives dating back to 2016.

Earlier in a victim impact statement, Mr Frederick’s sister Louise Samuel said: “Daily my heart skips a beat thinking about the different knives that were violently thrust into my brother’s back and I imagine him falling to the ground, alone feeling helpless.”

Mr Frederick’s eight-year-old son had been “robbed of his bestie”, she said.

He never got to meet his youngest son, who was born after his death.

Ms Samuel added: “There has to be justice, people cannot walk the streets and take an innocent soul for no reason and get away with it.”

She said the murder of her brother was “an evil attack”.