Schoolboy wakes up and puts plastic chair on his back like a rucksack

This is the hilarious moment a sleeping schoolboy wakes up and puts a plastic chair on his back - like a rucksack.

Four-year-old Dean Lewis Pagtakhan was napping after a day of lessons at school in the Philippines. The lad's teacher starts to pack away his books causing Dean to suddenly wake up.

Still bleary-eyed, the youngster stands up from his seat and starts walking away. CCTV shows him reaching and picking up a chair to his right-hand side, which he swings onto his back and puts his arms through the holes.

Those watching and filming the CCTV are in hysterics as they watch the footage back. The hilarious blunder sends his teacher into hysterics before several other children run into the classroom to see what has happened.

Dean's grandmother Agnes, who recorded the video, said it was funny - but blamed a superstition of the child eating lunch with his pregnant aunty. She said: ''This happened at about 4pm when the classes had finished for the day. I thought it was so funny when I watched it. All of the teachers were in hysterics as well."

''My grandson is never normally like this. He usually has a lot of energy and runs over to see us. 'It's the first time he has ever fallen asleep at school and everyone is sure it's because he was sharing food with his aunty that day."

''She is pregnant and it is a local superstition that if you eat food with a pregnant woman you will become sleepy.''