Flat Earth conference told ‘why scientists have been lying to us since 1956’

A crowd of 250 Flat Earthers gathered in a hotel in Canada to hear explanations of why Flat Earth belief is growing – and why 'scientists are lying to us'.

Speakers from the Flat Earth community gathered to discuss issues – including why the online community of Flat Earthers has grown so rapidly since 2015.

Prominent Flat Earther Mark Sargent answered audience questions, explaining why he believes scientists maintain the lie.

Sargent believes the conspiracy began in 1956, at the dawn of the 'space race'.

Sargent told an audience in West Edmonton Mall's Fantasyland Hotel that scientists can't reveal the truth because of the upheaval it would cause, according to the Edmonton Journal.

Sargent says, 'By the time they figured it out ... the industrialized world, the cement was already cast.'

'If some scientist revealed it tomorrow on CNN, or whatever, and it was broadcast that the Earth is not (round) – there's potential for some real shock waves, some real upheaval.

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'The first one is academic – literally in every university in every country, astrophysics and astronomy would have to be shut down overnight. Those would not reopen.'

Other speakers spoke on subjects including how NASA was started by 'Nazis, freemasons and magicians' – and why no rich Flat Earthers have yet organised an expedition to 'The Edge'.

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