Sweden legend labels Kane and co 'spoilt children' ahead of England's World Cup clash

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Hakan Mild believes the England side are ‘spoilt children’
Hakan Mild believes the England side are ‘spoilt children’

Swedish legend Hakan Mild has stuck the boot into England, labelling them ‘spoilt children’ ahead of the World Cup quarter-final clash.

England and Sweden will do battle on Saturday afternoon, with a place in the last four at stake, something neither country have managed in more than 20 years.

And it is not just England fans who are pleased with the way the draw has panned out, with Mild, who was part of the Swedish side who came third in 1994, saying it is the best draw his country could have asked for and question the Three Lions’ desire.

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“They think they are so good but they are not,” Mild said on Swedish state radio, Sveriges Radio.

“It’s spoilt young people who make a ton of money. The English are easy to score against.

“You don’t get afraid when you see this team. It suits Sweden well. They do not have the total desperation required.

“England have just played a long, tough game with extra time and I also think they have a little bit of hubris.

“They think they are going to win and they will get an unpleasant surprise on Saturday.”