Peak time of year for losing wedding rings approaching, insurer warns


The average claim for lost wedding, engagement and eternity rings now tops £1,000, according to an insurer.

In 2017, the average claim for accidental loss claim for these rings was £1,033 - £131 or 14% higher than in 2016 when it stood at £902, Co-op Insurance's analysis of its own data found.

With many couples tying the knot in the summer months, July is the peak month for this type of claim, according to the insurer.

People have found their ring has vanished while out gardening, visiting shopping centres or while out running, the Co-op said.

It has also seen cases of rings slipping off while people have been on holiday.

Co-op Insurance said one customer took their rings off to spring clean and then could not find them.

The customer said: "I think I have thrown them out with the rubbish - I have been through the rubbish but it could be down the drain."

In another case, a Co-op Insurance claims handler said: "Our policyholder was on holiday in Italy and after applying sun cream was swimming in the sea.

"He looked down and realised the ring was missing and had probably slipped off."

Someone else who went on holiday thought he had packed his jewellery in his wash bag - but when he arrived home and started to unpack it was not there.

Co-op Insurance also found the number of claims relating to lost rings was down by 14% in 2017 when compared with 2016 - even though the average value of a claim has increased.

Ian Kershaw, head of claims at the Co-op said: "Couples make a lot of effort to ensure their wedding and civil partnerships are memorable affairs, with wedding rings being the one thing they can physically take with them everywhere to remind them of their special day.

"In July, however, we seem to receive a lot of calls from devastated brides and grooms who have lost their rings and who are at a loss of what to do next.

"With the average claim topping £1,000 this could be a costly, as well as upsetting, time for many - especially if they don't have insurance."

Here are Co-op Insurance's tips for protecting your wedding rings:
1. Take pictures of your rings - should the worst happen, this means replicas could potentially be made if you cannot replace them at a shop.
2. Try to avoid taking your rings off in public places - and never leave them next to a sink where they could be knocked and fall down the plughole.
3. If you do remove your rings, try and leave them in a specific place in your home away from harm.
4. If you are on holiday be mindful that sun cream can make rings slip off more easily.
5. Consider leaving your rings in a hotel safe when you are on holiday.