New measures to protect package holidaymakers


The Government has announced moves to offer extra protection for people booking package holidays, saving consumers tens of millions of pounds a year.

The Business Department said it was closing loopholes which have emerged because of the growing trend for booking holidays online.

A Package Travel Directive is being launched which ministers said will give new consumer protections for 10 million holidays a year and save people tens of millions of pounds.

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Under the directive, people who book holidays online through travel sites will have the same rights as those using traditional travel agents.

Business Minister Andrew Griffiths said: "Britain is a nation of travellers and we each put aside around £23.10 per week to go towards package holidays.

"Given that commitment, when we are booking holidays it is reasonable for all of us to expect that if something goes wrong we are protected financially.

"The measures that come into effect today will ensure holidaymakers are properly compensated if things do go wrong, removing the risks for consumers and building on our long, proud history of high standards when it comes to travel protections."