Bulldog named Zsa Zsa crowned the World's Ugliest Dog

Protruding teeth, a miles-long tongue, pink painted talons and a gallon of drool --- that's what it takes to become crowned the World's Ugliest Dog. Just ask Zsa Zsa.

"Nine years young with a swaggering tongue, Zsa Zsa delivered a shower of slobber as she claimed this year's title," said a news report, according to CNN.

The English bulldog beat out thirteen other canine hopefuls to hold the title at Petaluma, California's 30th annual competition. However, despite its name, there's actually a beautiful message behind the contest: To raise awareness of puppy mills and shelters.

Many of the dogs featured in the competition were rescued from high-kill shelters.

Zsa Zsa herself spent her first five years at a puppy mill in Missouri before she was rescued by Underdog Rescue. "From the moment we saw her beautiful face, we knew we would be her forever home," explained her owner Megan Brainard.

That's not to say the competition isn't stiff. Other four-legged hopefuls from this year's contest included an "exercise intolerant" bulldog, who often gets mistaken for a pig, Chinese crestedes and a Pekingese named Wild Thang.

But it was Zsa Zsa's personality that won the judges' hearts. "She was eating part of a Slim Jim on the table and just sneezed all over them and was drooling on them," said Bainard.