World Cup hots up for England as temperatures soar in Russia before Panama clash

England will play in the warmest temperatures they have faced so far in Russia, with the mercury soaring in their next host city.

Fans who thought they had escaped the baking temperatures in Volgograd will arrive in Nizhny Novgorod to find it is forecast to be even warmer than for the first World Cup game against Tunisia.

The Hydrometcenter of Russia has forecast temperatures of up to 28C (82F) on Saturday, rising to a possible maximum of 32C (89F) on Sunday when England play Panama.

Kick off is at 3pm local time (1pm UK time), which is when the mercury is expected to peak.

Some potential cloud cover and a gentle breeze of 15mph are unlikely to provide much relief from the glaring sun.

But the midges and flies which plagued parts of Volgograd on Monday did not immediately appear to be present in the city, more than 600 miles further north along the Volga river.