Driver fined after watching favourite TV show on motorway

A driver has been fined after he was spotted watching his favourite television show on the motorway.

The Central Motorway Policing Group (CMPG), which is made up of officers from West Midlands Police and Staffordshire Police, tweeted a picture of the moment the man was caught on Monday.

The motorist had been travelling on the M6 towards Stafford when he was interrupted by police.

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Officers took a picture of him watching a programme on his mobile phone and the CMPG said the driver was fined.

Some Twitter users thought the punishment was lenient and believed the driver should have had his licence rescinded.

One user called Nev said: "Only a fine? If you're watching anything other than the road surely you are not giving the road and it's other users your full attention? Sounds dangerous to me! Let me guess, Love Island!?"

Another named Scott Poole said: "This is a growing problem, last evening whilst waiting for a bus four drivers three in vans were clearly on there phones.

"Instead of issuing £250 fines, it should be £1000 fine, 7 days to pay, 6 points, safety course and retake test. No payment to court, £2000 & lose licence."