Corpse flower comes to life and causes a stink - for 48 hours only


A rare titan arum has burst into flower and is set to cause a massive stink.

The titan, known as the corpse flower, stands at well over 6ft tall and is situated just off a path high up in the sultry heat of the rainforest biome at the Eden Project in Cornwall.

The tourist attraction's titan arum expert Tim Grigg has spent years nurturing the giant plant.

The Eden Project's titan arum
The Eden Project's titan arum

It is now in its final glory as the spectacular inflorescence opens for just 48 hours.

In days to come, insect pollinators will be lured by the foul scent, likened to the smell of rotting flesh.

In full bloom, the flower produces its own heat to help spread the smell.

Originating from Indonesia, the plant - proper name Amorphophallus titanum - is the largest flowering structure on Earth and can grow up to three metres tall.

It was given its common name of titan arum by Sir David Attenborough during filming of the Private Life Of Plants series.