Ex-champion Magee: Pete Taylor a credit to Irish boxing

Former world champion Brian Magee has said he is shocked by the shooting of boxing coach Pete Taylor, who he described as a credit to Irish boxing.

Mr Magee said: "Pete is such a nice guy, he has such a good reputation, he's such a fantastic trainer. He trained one of the best female fighters ever in the world."

The ex-professional said Mr Taylor was extremely well respected in boxing circles throughout the island.

Mr Magee said that not only had Mr Taylor's health and life been put in danger, but his livelihood was also at stake.

He said it was disappointing that innocent people were getting hurt and that the sport could be tarnished by such shootings.

"It's just hard to believe something like that happens," he said.

"Boxing is a sport that brings people together ... it's such a shame that boxing is getting dragged into it."

Mr Magee, who competed professionally from 1999 to 2012, said boxing gyms had always had a reputation for taking kids off the streets in troubled areas and keeping them off.

"That's what boxing is about," he said.

Mr Magee added he hoped Mr Taylor would make a full recovery.