Meghan Markle's Beagle rode with the Queen to the royal wedding

Queen Elizabeth II, lifelong lover of corgis, let Meghan Markle's adopted beagle Guy have the ultimate honour and privilege of riding alongside her to Windsor ahead of the royal wedding, LaineyGossip points out.

Elizabeth II was filmed en route to Windsor Castle, and Guy's little head was caught by the window next to her as the two whisked off in the street. You can see the full footage here on Daily Mail.

Markle with her dog Guy on an Instagram she posted before deleting her account.
Markle with her dog Guy on an Instagram she posted before deleting her account.

Markle had two adopted dogs, Guy and Bogart, a labrador-shepherd cross. However, she ultimately only brought Guy with her to the UK. In her BBC interview with Prince Harry, Markle explained that Bogart now lives with two close friends in North America. "Well, I have two dogs that I've had for quite a long time, both my rescue pups," she said. "And one is now staying with very close friends and my other little guy is-yes he's in the U.K., he's been here for a while. I think he's doing just fine." Fine indeed when you're riding with the Queen.

The Queen's last corgi that descended from her original corgi Susan passed away a month ago. Peoplereports that a friend told the outlet that the Queen did adopt another corgi last year though, and she still has two dorgis (corgi-dachshund mixes), Vulcan and Candy. The Queen's corgis immediately liked Markle, Harry and Markle revealed during their BBC interview.

"I've spent the last 33 years being barked at," Harry said. "This one walks in, absolutely nothing..."

"Just laying on my feet during tea, it was very sweet," Markle added.

"Just wagging tails and I was just like ugh," Harry finished.