UK temperatures to hit 30C this bank holiday weekend

Britain is set to bake again this bank holiday weekend with temperatures rocketing to 30C (86F).

Meteorologists at the Met Office say areas in the south east of England could be double the usual temperature for this time of year, with the mercury hitting near-record levels on bank holiday Monday.

"The average temperature for this time of year is 15C (59F)," said a Met Office spokesperson.

"Currently, temperatures are averaging 20C (68F) and are only going to get warmer this weekend," they added.

The Met Office Spokesperson said: "The maximum temperature ever for the end of May bank holiday is 32.8C (91F), which came in Horsham, Sussex, on May 29 1944."

They added the record was not likely to be beaten this weekend.

On Saturday, temperatures in the south will be in the mid 20s, with London expecting to be around 25C (77F), while across the rest of the country it'll be slightly cooler, in the low 20s.

With wind coming from the North East, Scotland is set to sit around the 18 degree mark at the start of the weekend.

In Birmingham the heat will build from 18C (64F) on Friday to 26 (78.8F) on bank holiday Monday, while in Newcastle they will start around 14 degrees (57F), rising to 20 (68F).

There is a risk of thunderstorms in the build up to bank holiday Monday, with the south east and south west most likely to be hit.

The effect would be lower temperatures later on over the weekend.