New 'family days out' app aims to ease parents' holiday headaches

Two mothers have launched a "family days out" app to help parents find new ideas to entertain their children and cut the costs involved.

The app, called Kidadl, has the backing of founder Martin Lewis, who has invested in the business.

The first phase of the app, which has been launched on iOS and Android, is aimed at families based in or planning trips to London, with plans to roll it out across England in the next phase.

Hannah Feldman, 39, and Sophie Orman, 51, are hoping their app will help inspire parents with new, creative ideas for the school holidays and weekends.

Parents can find out about and book events as well as get tips from other families. Some events are free and others are paid for.

The app personalises recommendations for parents based on the ages and interests of their children and where they live.

Meanwhile, a survey of 1,000 parents from market research app OnePulse has found 51% of parents are stressed about the school holidays and worried about how they are going to keep their children entertained, with 40% of parents saying their biggest concern is the cost of paying for activities.

Around 20% of families are planning to spend between £20 to £30 per day over the school holidays.

Ms Feldman said: "The affordability of school holidays is clearly a real worry for parents."