Town Crier in full voice as he gets set to greet 150,000 royal wedding watchers

The official town crier for Windsor is looking forward to his role of greeting visitors to the town on the royal wedding day - all 150,000 of them.

Chris Brown, 49, has been stopped on the packed footpaths of the town by people eager to have their picture taken with him, decked out in his ceremonial garb.

Ringing his bell, the town crier proclaimed his congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, with their wedding now just hours away.

"The Mayor has asked me to be here to welcome the guests, 150,000-odd of them.

"I'm very excited, we haven't had an event of this size in town before as far as I can see.

"We've had huge events, we had the Queen's birthday celebrations, the Jubilee but this I think is the biggest we've ever had," he said.

Mr Brown wore his heavy outfit in India at an event five years ago so laughed off any suggestion the predicted heat for Saturday would prove a challenge.

He said: "Quite frankly an English summer's day - no problem at all!"