Bride-to-be marrying her prince in Windsor - the day before Harry and Meghan


A bride-to-be tying the knot in Windsor 24 hours before the royal wedding has said she has found her own prince.

Vicky Compson, 33, is marrying Aron Hallam, 34, at Windsor Guildhall on Friday at lunchtime, the day before one of the most eagerly anticipated royal weddings ever.

The couple from Datchet in Berkshire have been together 15 years and engaged for three years, and they set their wedding date before Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Windsor Guildhall, Berkshire (Andrew Matthews/PA)
The Windsor Guildhall, Berkshire (Andrew Matthews/PA)

Ms Compson said: "I'm just looking forward to having a lovely day.

"I'm marrying the man of my dreams - My Prince Aron."

Ms Compson, who is staying in Windsor the night before her wedding, said she hoped all her guests would make it to the venue with no problems.

She said it had been "a little bit stressful" worrying about how people will get into town and get parked.

"But there's been loads of information put out there," she added.

Ms Compson said royal wedding fever has created a buzz about her own wedding.

"Everyone is talking about weddings.

"It's been weddings, weddings, weddings. It's been fun.

"It's definitely hyped it up a lot," she said.

Royal wedding well-wishers travelling to Windsor on Saturday are urged to book parking in advance.

Roads will be closed from 10pm on Friday and the council said residents and visitors should expect some disruption.