New HSBC app lets customers see accounts from different banks on one screen

HSBC has launched a new app that allows customers to see their accounts - including those with other banks - on one screen.

The Connected Money app will allow users to see their current account as well as online savings accounts, mortgages, loans and cards held across several banks in one app.

Customers can currently add accounts from up to 21 different banks, HSBC said - making it easier to get a complete overview of their money.

Tools in the app to help people manage their money include a spend analysis feature, helping people see their spending across categories and keeping track on spending habits.

There is also a bills calendar to help people see what payments are coming up next and a "balance after bills" feature so users can see how much money they will have left until payday when their standing orders and direct debits have been taken out.

Additional features HSBC is working on include one which rounds up debit card purchases to the nearest pound and transfers the change from an HSBC current account into an HSBC savings account.

In future, the app will also nudge people with savings suggestions based on their spending habits.

The app is available to HSBC UK current account customers using iOS 10 and above via the App Store.

Connected Money follows the launch of HSBC Beta, which trialled the technology with staff and customers.

Becky Moffat, HSBC's head of personal banking and advance, said: "From testing this technology with customers we found that it gave them a sense of better control and financial confidence."