Incredible play decides ultimate frisbee game on 'universe point'

A clip from the climax of an ultimate frisbee game between Georgetown and UNC Wilmington has gone viral online.

Locked at 12-12 the final 'universe point' was to decide the game and Georgetown snatched their chance opportunity when a player successfully completed a 'greatest'. This sees him leap out of bounds to catch the disc and throw it back into play before his feet touch the ground. His team-mates then scramble to catch the disc in the endzone to score the winning point.

The match was in the Atlantic Coast Men's D-1 Regionals held in Axton, Virginia, with Danie Fain completing the scoring catch.

What is ultimate frisbee?

Ultimate Frisbee is a fast-moving team sport enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of players across the globe. The sport has some unique features including the lack of referees and the opportunity to play in mixed gender teams.

To compete at the highest level ultimate players require speed, agility and endurance, yet beginners find this non-contact sport easy to learn and fun to play.

The two teams begin standing in opposite endzones, the disc is put into play by one team throwing down field to the other team (the pull). Once in play, the disc may be moved only by passing, so the player holding the disc must stay put (but may pivot on one foot). If a team successfully advances the disc into the opposition's endzone, that team scores a point, the teams swap directions, and the team that scored pulls to the other team.

Pitch pic
Pitch pic

If a pass is incomplete, intercepted, or caught out of bounds, the opposing team immediately gains possession and tries to move the disc in the other direction. Another way to change possession is when the player holding the disc, called the thrower, holds on to it for too long. A defensive player within three metres of the thrower may loudly count to 10 (in seconds), and if the disc is not thrown by the 'T' of ten, the opposition immediately gains possession. This defensive player is called the marker, and the audible count is called the stall count.

The game is played until an end condition is reached, typically a time limit or when one team reaches a certain number of points, typically 15. Check out the full rules of ultimate here.