Best cashback credit cards of 2018

Man is shopping online with laptop
Man is shopping online with laptop

Fancy getting a little cash back every time you spend money on your credit card? Frankly, who doesn't?

Established names such as Santander, American Express, NatWest and others all offer cashback credit cards, so take your pick. Typically they pay out between 0.5% and 1% of your spending, worth between £5 and £10 for every £1,000 you spend.

If you clear your credit card balance in full every month as well so you do not pay any interest, you should end up nicely ahead.

The best cashback cards sometimes include interest free credit card benefits, and many have no annual fee. If there is a fee, make sure you are using your card enough for the cashback to cover it. Time to cash in.

Santander All in One Credit Card

Good for: 0% credit card with cashback on top

Most UK credit cards don't charge an annual fee, so make sure you're getting something in return if yours does. The Santander All in One Credit Card has a fee of £3 a month but in return you get a zero percent credit card with interest-free purchases for the first 30 months. That introductory period applies to balance transfers as well, and better still, there is no balance transfer fee. As if that wasn't enough, you get 0.5% cashback on all your purchases as well. Great for holidays too, with no foreign transaction fees on purchases either. Overall one of the best credit card deals, provided you don't mind that £3 monthly fee.

Introductory 0% offers

0% on purchases for 30 months and 30 months on balance transfers (with no transfer fee)

Representative APR



£3 a month (£36 a year)

Credit requirement


Initial cashback offer

5 cashback offers of up to 25% from a range of retailers within 60 days

Cashback benefits

Cashback of 0.5% on all purchases with no maximum limit. Cashback offers up to 15% at a variety of online and high street stores

American Express Platinum Cashback Credit Card

Good for: High-spending cashback fans

There aren't that many cashback credit cards to choose from at the moment, but this is definitely worth your attention. American Express Platinum Cashback Credit card offers a handsome 5% cashback on all your spending during the first three months, up to a maximum £125. After that, you get at least 1%. There is an annual fee of £25 but so as long as you spend more than £2,500 a year, you should easily cover that. Members also get Amex extras such as refund protection and purchase protection on their spending.

Introductory 0% offers


Representative APR on purchases


Credit requirement


Initial offer

5% cashback up to a maximum of £125 on all spending during your first 3 months of membership

After 3 months

1% cash on all your spending up to £10,000, rising to 1.25% on spending above that. Access to music, theatre and film events

NatWest Reward Credit Card

Good For: One of the most rewarding credit card deals

The NatWest Reward Credit Card lets you earn back 1% of your spending every time you do a supermarket shop, or fill up your tank at one of their petrol stations. Rewards can climb as high as 15% in selected retailers, making this one of the best rewards credit card offerings. Better still, you will generate cash back on every penny you spend, at a rate of 0.5% everywhere you shop, anywhere in the world. Just make sure you will be spending enough to claw back the £24 annual fee - although if you have a NatWest Reward current account, it will be refunded in full anyway.

Introductory 0% offers


Representative APR on purchases

18.9% (representative rate 23.7% including annual fee)

Annual fee

£24, refunded if you have a NatWest Reward current account

Credit requirement



Earn 1% Rewards in supermarkets and 0.5% at their petrol stations

Earn between 1% and 15% in Rewards when you spend at selected MyReward retailers

0.5% everywhere else you shop, anywhere in the world

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