Charles reunited with sisters more than 50 years after dairy farm stay


Four sisters who used to spend their weekends with the Prince of Wales when he was 17 have been reunited with the heir to the throne after more than half a century.

Charles stayed at their family's dairy farm during his time at college in Australia.

And on Friday, the women came face to face with the heir again after 52 years.

Charles could not hide his surprise as he was greeted by Jane Tozer, Amanda Boxshall, Penny Jenner and Lisa Tozer during his trip to Bundaberg.

As they clutched a photo of them with the prince, taken on the day they were last together, the sisters were given a warm reception by the now 69-year-old Charles.

And they wasted no time in telling him of all their memories from when he used to stay with them at Devon Farm, Lilydale, while he was at Timbertop college in Victoria.

"I remember you used to follow my dad around asking him questions and I remember you stirring the milk," said Jane, as Charles smiled and laughed.

They then presented him with a copy of the photograph, taken in 1966, which they had all signed the back of.

Afterwards, Jane, 62, said: "He said he was rapt that we still had the photo.

"It was really lovely to see him again."

Jane - the oldest of the siblings - was 10 when Charles would visit. Amanda was six, Penny was four and Lisa was just three.

Jane said: "I remember him being very curious about the farm.

"I remember him coming tadpoling and swimming - I taught him how to duck dive.

"At that age we didn't really think of him as royalty."

Lisa, 54, added: "All I really remember was thinking that he spoke funny.

"We all had to get changed out of our farm clothes and put on our Sunday best when he came."

The sisters spent several minutes chatting to Charles - before recreating their 1966 photo.

The prince had been on a tour of the Bundaberg Distillery as part of his seven-day trip in Australia.