Pilots' Snapchat game very disappointing - easyJet boss

Footage showing two easyJet pilots playing a Snapchat game while flying was "very disappointing", the airline's chief executive has said.

Johan Lundgren warned that the incident "fell well short of the standards that we set for ourselves".

In a video published by the Sun, a co-pilot can be seen completing paperwork with a virtual owl dancing on the screen beside him.

Later, he dances next to an animated character with the aircraft said to be flying at 30,000ft during a trip from Paris to Madrid.

Mr Lundgren told the Press Association: "We have clear policies on how we use social media and that is not part of that policy.

"It was very disappointing. We're investigating that and for the time being the pilots are suspended."

He has issued a warning to all easyJet staff about the importance of using social media responsibly.

"This is causing unnecessary difficulties and it shouldn't have happened," he added.

An easyJet spokesman said the video was taken when the aircraft was in cruise control and the flight operated safely.