Police worker mistakenly fines himself for untaxed vehicle

An untaxed car is clamped on a street in Stockport.

Nobody likes filling out forms, but paperwork is part of the job if you work for the police. However, one officer in West Yorkshire has a little more reason to dislike pencil-pushing than others.

According to a Tweet from the West Yorkshire Police's Roads Policing Unit (RPU), the officer in question managed a bit of a bureaucratic mix-up when issuing a fine. Instead of citing the offending vehicle, he instead managed to fine himself, for possessing an untaxed vehicle.

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The department's Tweet read: "To the great amusement of the rest of the office, one of our colleagues managed to fill a form in incorrectly, and prosecuted himself for driving an untaxed vehicle. Definately [sic] a bunable offence?"

The last portion of the Tweet refers to a common practice in police circles of "Cake Fines". Whenever an officer makes an unfortunate but usually harmless error, they're required to bring in cakes (or equivalent) for the rest of their department or shift.

Just to add further insult to injury, the officer's real fine, of £81, is payable before April Fools' Day, according to the letter.

A further post from the West Yorkshire RPU though revealed that the "offender" was having none of it, claiming the error was made by the DVLA rather than themselves. The Tweet stated: "The officer is pleading "not guilty" to this offence and is blaming an admin error at the DVLA. Enquiries are ongoing."

By Andrew Evans

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