Man crashes into his own car on a quad bike

Crashing a car is a terrible feeling, especially if you are a petrolhead. Realising that your motor is going to be damaged can really hurt, even before you consider the potential effects on your bank account.

Now, just consider how it would feel to crash into your own car – we think it would be quite difficult to process, and result in the use of some colourful language.

Unfortunately, someone has done just that, by crashing a friend's quad bike into his pride and joy.

Andy Quay of Greenock, Scotland was parking a friend's quad bike when it shot forward, knocking the mirror from his prized Ford Mustang and promptly mounting the side of the car.

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According to Quay, the quad in the video is a friend's, and it had an issue with its suspension and throttle, the latter of which is responsible for it suddenly shooting forward. But if you consider that it was in his possession so it could get fixed, we imagine the friend was less than impressed.

Even if mechanical issues were to blame, this can't have been a good moment for Quay, especially since he hurt his wrist and leg in the process. Add to that the phone calls he had to make to his friend, and to the insurers regarding his Mustang, and its safe to say that Quay will never look at a quad the same way again.

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