Businessman sues police for crushing his £200,000 Ferrari

A Birmingham businessman is suing West Midlands Police after the force confiscated and then crushed his Ferrari 458 Spider.

Police seized the Ferrari in April 2017 on suspicion it had been stolen. After investigation it was determined that the car was a "Category B" insurance write-off. This is the second most serious category of damage, signifying a car so extensively damaged that the body shell should be crushed, although some parts may be salvaged.

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The car was subsequently crushed at a scrapyard in May 2017, with the video of the event since going viral.

The car's owner, Zahid Khan, said he had bought it from a large auction company, via an intermediary, and believed it was legitimate. He claimed he had sourced over 100 genuine Ferrari parts to repair the vehicle, which were fitted at a Ferrari-approved garage in Birmingham.

After the initial seizure, he went to court with papers to prove his ownership, but the car had already been crushed due to lack of insurance and the fact it was unroadworthy.

31-year old Khan is now taking action against the West Midlands Police, claiming that the car – worth £200,000 when new – was worth over £250,000 in parts.

He commented: "I can't believe they have destroyed my car. I love supercars and have owned a number of them and loved this car. I saved to buy this car, and it was sentimental to me and my family.

"The police had no right to do what they did, it's very sad, this money could have gone to a good cause. Ferrari parts are worth more than the car itself."

By Andrew Evans

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