Oh deer! Young muntjac has to be rescued after falling from roof

A young muntjac deer had to be rescued after falling from a roof and getting stuck upside-down between two walls.

The animal is thought to have climbed on top of a garage at a property in Bedworth, Warwickshire, on March 13.

RSPCA officers believe the male deer then lost his footing and fell off the edge before becoming wedged between the house and the garage.

He escaped with just a minor graze from the pebble-dash wall and was soon freed by the RSPCA.

Animal collection officer Adam McConkey said: "The poor little chap looked very uncomfortable and was probably disoriented.

"We think he somehow climbed up on to the garage roof, but then lost his footing and fell off the edge.

"We found him upside-down and stuck tight between the garage wall and the house. It was such a narrow space, he couldn't move an inch."

Mr McConkey added: "The young deer was stressed and kicking frantically - but after a few attempts, I managed to ease him out of the narrow space.

"To start with, he couldn't stand up, probably due to his body having been cramped up - but he soon became steady on his feet."