Dashcam footage captures 4x4 reversing into oncoming traffic

Dashcam footage recorded in Australia shows the shocking moment a 4x4 reverses into oncoming traffic before dangerously driving over the central reservation.

Queensland Police released the footage showing the motorist's antics.

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At the start of the video, the gold-coloured Nissan Patrol can be seen reversing down the opposite side of the carriageway into oncoming traffic at speed, before eventually hitting a car behind them.

They then flee the scene by crossing the central reservation and speeding off through a red light further up the road.

The incident occurred in Waterford West, a suburb south of Brisbane, last Tuesday.

The motorist had reportedly collided with another car further up the road, before reversing to flee the scene.

Queensland Police are currently investigating the incident and are appealing to anyone who may recognise the vehicle.

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