"Homer Simpson" pulled over in Milton Keynes - with fake driving licence

Upon pulling over a driver in Milton Keynes, Thames Valley Police were left laughing when the hapless motorist handed over his licence – with the details of cartoon character Homer Simpson written on.

The plastic card, rather than being a bona fide licence to drive, appeared instead to be a gag item containing the name and address of 'Simpson, Homer', as well as a handy photo.

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But the fake licence wasn't the driver's only sin. The car was uninsured, and therefore seized by officers, according to a tweet the force put out on Monday.

"This was presented as a driving licence to us last night in MK," Thames Valley Roads Policing unit posted on Twitter. "Also had no insurance and therefore car seized and reported for both offences."

Twitter commenters were quick to poke fun, with one noting the laziness of the fake licence. While 'Homer's' address was given as 28 Springfield Way, USA, a fan pointed out "Everyone knows that Homer Simpson lives at 742 Evergreen Terrace! Amateur..."

Others posted quotes from the show, with the signature catchphrase 'D'OH!' being a popular addition.

However, one commenter summed it up the best. "A simple case of extreme stupidity," she said.

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