Driver terrified as spider dangles over her head

A driver has been filmed going from silent fear to full shrieking, when her passengers informed her that a spider was watching her from the ceiling of her car.

The driver is told about the creepy crawly while behind the wheel of a Honda, letting out a big scream once she allowed herself to look for herself.

After continuing on for a short while, the driver found a place to pull over and dispose of the spider using a napkin, all to the great amusement of her passengers.

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Upon stopping she looks up again, screaming "Where is it?" as she does so.

After making one unsuccessful attempt at capturing the creature, the driver finally disposes of the spider, and promptly prepares to start driving once again.

While a story earlier this year (seen above) stated that the deer is the deadliest animal on the road, this woman and countless other motorists with a fear of our eight-legged adversaries would probably suggest otherwise.

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