Motorcyclist somehow escapes unharmed after sliding underneath moving lorry

A biker's near-death experience has gone viral, after he lost control of his bike and slid underneath an enormous articulated lorry – and somehow escaped unharmed.

YouTuber Hammy Moto said that he was riding his bike and merging onto a fast-moving freeway when it began experiencing violent wobbles. Captured on his helmet-cam, the video shows Moto falling off his bike at high speed and sickeningly sliding towards a full-sized semi truck.

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It's tempting to look away as Moto passes underneath the vehicle's trailer, but incredibly, he manages to slide through the tiny gap between the truck's wheels and escape onto the hard shoulder.

Shaken, stirred and shocked, Moto was amazingly physically unharmed. He posted the footage on YouTube, where he commented: "I was merging onto the freeway, checking traffic while I ventured over to the carpool lane. When I got next to the carpool lane, I checked if it was clear again, then merged in while quickly accelerating in first gear."

"First mistake I made was having my weight WAY too far back on the bike while accelerating, that mixed with the extremely bumpy freeway and the acceleration of the bike caused the front wheel to go extremely light, thus causing the violent speed wobbles."

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