Watch as parallel parking effort results in two separate crashes

Footage shows a driver crashing into two different cars while attempting to parallel park.

The clip, which appears to be from a CCTV camera, joins the driver in the midst of her parking attempts, mounted on the kerb and seemingly plotting her next move.

After edging further forward and further onto the kerb, the driver briefly leaves her Kia Picanto to take a brief look at the situation, before getting back in.

Then, a passenger emerges from the other side of the car, exchanging words with the driver as she turns to walk away.

The driver then takes off, reversing at speed and almost clipping a Ford people carrier before eventually colliding with a Vauxhall Zafira that was travelling down the road. The driver's former passenger then rushes over to try and flag her down, but the parking attempt is not yet finished.

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The driver slowly edges towards the kerb once more, before shooting forward into a stationary VW Golf.

Meanwhile, bystanders check on the Zafira driver, as the woman finally climbs from the Kia Picanto.

No injuries have been reported following the incident in Bolton, Greater Manchester, which is believed to have taken place on January 31.

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