Dashcam captures car travelling 'at 100mph' down the wrong side of the motorway

Shocking dashcam footage has captured the moment a car is caught speeding down the wrong side of the motorway – towards oncoming traffic.

The blue Volkswagen Golf is thought to have been involved in a police chase when it was captured by the lorry dash cam driving the wrong way down the hard shoulder. In the video, the car sounds like it was being pushed hard because of its sheer volume when it flies past.

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It was caught on the northbound M57 near Knowsley, Liverpool, on Sunday in heavy rain and poor driving conditions.

A few moments later, a BMW X5 police car can be seen given chase on the correct side of the carriageway, leading to speculation that the car was being chased, although it's not clear if this was just a coincidence.

The dash cam owner posted the footage online, labelling the motorist a "lunatic Golf driver".

They added: "It all happened very quickly and could have been very nasty. I could see the headlights in the distance, then in no time at all they flew past. I only managed to sweep the wipers as it passes."

Merseyside Police said they have had no reports made to them regarding the incident.

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