Italy's anti-migrant party leader says euro is 'the wrong currency'

The head of Italy's anti-migrant, eurosceptic League party says the shared European euro currency is "wrong" and is ultimately destined to end.

In Italy's national election on Sunday, Matteo Salvini's right-wing League party did better than expected, getting nearly 18% of the vote, to take the reins of the centre-right bloc, which captured about 37% of the total vote.

That is not enough to govern Italy alone, however, and Mr Salvini says he will now begin talks with possible partners to secure a parliamentary majority.

In his first comments on Monday, Mr Salvini repeated his stance that the euro was bad for Italy. He said: "It's a wrong currency and a wrong choice."

Mr Salvini has acknowledged previously, however, that the Italian constitution bars holding a referendum on leaving the shared currency.