Grenfell Tower tragedy referenced by Frances McDormand at Oscars

The Grenfell Tower fire was mentioned by best actress winner Frances McDormand at the Oscars after campaigners were inspired by Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

A series of billboards were paraded through central London last month to highlight the "lack of progress" made since the fire, saying "71 dead", "And still no arrests?", "How Come?".

McDormand, who won the best actress gong for her role in Three Billboards, referenced the Grenfell tragedy as she spoke about the power and relevance of billboards.

Tower block fire in London
Tower block fire in London

She said: "I think the idea that activists are taking that kind of statement and putting it out there. Billboards still work, so I think that it's really exciting.

"It started actually with the Grenfell Tower fire investigation then it leap-frogged to (the) Miami gun control situation, it was outside the UN... that's the kind of power that an image can have and that's what we're making, we're making powerful images."

In Three Billboards, McDormand plays a mother who challenges authorities over finding the culprit for the rape and murder of her daughter.