As snow sweeps across the UK, Brits watch over one million more hours of TV


Brrrrr! There's cold and then there's COLD! But we're coping at TalkTalk. With the Beast from the East gripping the country, we saw a new traffic record of 3.64Tb as lots of our customers decided to play it safe and stay at home using our products and services.

​​​Our Network saw big increases for traffic to Facebook and Amazon as lots of people "worked" from home due to the adverse weather conditions.

Our customers have watched over one million extra TV hours in the last three days with over 500,000 extra hours watched in the last 24 hours alone!

Movie rentals are up 90% this week, with topical titles Thor: Ragnarok, Geostorm and The Snowman in the top three. The Mountain Between Us (with Kate Winslet and Idris Elba stranded on a snow-covered mountain) was also in the top 10 at No.6. Although not in the top 10, Disney's Frozen rentals went up 700% from last week.*

Regional variations saw uplifts increase the further north you go:

- London +39%

- Manchester + 67%

- Sheffield + 104%

- Glasgow +310%

- Edinburgh +415%

Brummies are clearly made of sturdier stuff as Birmingham was one of the few regions that saw fewer purchases, down 19% week on week.

Meanwhile, our engineers have been hard at work to keep everything connected in the bad weather...


To make sure we minimise disruption over the weekend, we have dialled down on a number of planned changes to ensure that any disruptions to core services are minimised. So if you're snow bound, you can rely on TalkTalk to keep you warm.

*Data from Wed 28February and Thursday 1 March

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