Man films confrontation with drink-driver during rush hour

A criminal justice student has gone viral after filming a confrontation he had with a repeated drink-driving offender. Deandre Lewis, age 20, was leaving his university campus in San Antonio, California, when he spotted a large truck 'blaring' past him.

Lewis fired up the Snapchat social media app on his phone and began filming just in time to capture the truck missing the sliproad to a highway. It mounted a concrete barrier and bounced off, coming to a rest in the middle of the road.

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Lewis, furious, approached the cab of the truck and told the driver repeatedly to 'get out' and that he wasn't going anywhere.

"Hey man, you're done driving," he said, while filming. "Get out the car. You're done driving. That's it."

The driver, 61-year old Manuel Rodriguez-Rojas, was later arrested on a charge of driving while drunk. It was his third offence.

Lewis told local news stations that he was attempting to prevent the situation from escalating. "Who knows what could have happened after that," he told the San Antonio Express News. "That would have been so much more horrible than it was.

"We got on the access road and when I saw him heading toward the highway, I already knew trouble was about to happen. So I pulled out my phone and started recording."

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