Dramatic video shows three-car accident in central China

A terrifying piece of dashcam footage has captured an overtake gone very badly wrong. The video, captured in central China, shows a white saloon car going for a gap in traffic that isn't quite there – and taking out two innocent vehicles as it does.

The footage shows two cars driving along a dual carriageway when a third vehicle appears in the corner of the shot. That vehicle attempts to squeeze in between the vehicles, but overcorrects and is sent spinning across the road.

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It slams into a crash barrier and immediately careens across to the other side of the road. Sparks flying from the front of the vehicle suggest it lost a wheel in the first crash.

It clips the car in front – a grey saloon – and slams into the camera vehicle, crumpling the bonnet. In the corner of the footage, it's possible to see the other innocent vehicle spinning across the road, left unstable by the impact.

Though no details have been released alongside the video, it's a fair assumption that all three cars involved were written off. It's unknown if anybody was injured.

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