Superdry founder says he is the reel deal when it comes to relaxing

The co-founder of fashion chain Superdry has revealed how he relaxes when not at the helm of the company he called his "obsession": fishing.

Multimillionaire Julian Dunkerton told the Sunday Times he has a boat set up with angling gear on the River Avon, which flows through Gloucestershire north of the firm's headquarters in Cheltenham.

The 52-year-old also said he does not have a smartphone and "other people do my emails" to ensure he does not get distracted from his job.

In the paper's magazine he said: "I know I should exercise more, but it's hard to make the time.

"Occasionally, if I find myself with an unexpected hour spare, I'll go fishing.

"The office is close to the River Avon and I've got a little boat moored there with my rods all set up. I'll put on bait and see if a pike, roach or zander takes a bite.

"I love the tranquillity. It's the only downtime I take."

Mr Dunkerton founded the business in 1985 from a market stall in Cheltenham.

The clothing retailer - famous for its hoodie tops and T-shirts - floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2010.

In January he scooped £17.8 million after offloading a chunk of shares in the fashion retailer.

Now the firm's product and brand director, he sold one million shares at £17.80 each, or 1.23% of the group, following 12 months of share price gains for the firm.

In February 2016, Mr Dunkerton sold just under £50 million of shares to fund his divorce settlement with his wife Charlotte Abbot.

Describing his commitment to Superdry, he told the Sunday Times: "I have other businesses, but Superdry is my obsession. Its success is down to great product design and branding.

"The only other people who think in the same way are at Gucci or Louis Vuitton.

"I live, breathe and wear Superdry and I am very focused. Part of that discipline is not having a smartphone.

"I watch other people clog up their time with emails and fill their heads with thoughts they don't need, but I don't want any distractions to affect my ability to do my job.

"So I keep it simple -- other people do my emails."