Equipment from Tears For Fears recording studio to go on sale

Equipment from the Wool Hall studio - where Tears For Fears recorded Songs From The Big Chair and The Smiths made their final album - is to be sold at auction.

The studio, built in a 16th century wool store, was originally founded by Tears For Fears as their private facility but was opened for other musicians to use in 1986.

During its 20-year working history, artists including The Pretenders, Paul Weller, Stereophonics, Joni Mitchell, Annie Lennox and Sisters Of Mercy used the studio.

The entrance to Wool Hall studio (Gardiner Houlgate /PA)
The entrance to Wool Hall studio (Gardiner Houlgate /PA)

The Smiths' last photoshoot took place outside the studio while they were recording Strangeways, Here We Come in 1987.

Van Morrison purchased the property in 1994 and sold it to a private owner in 2002. It is now listed for sale.

The mixing desk, speakers and items including a snooker table from the studio in Beckington, Somerset, will be sold at auction on March 8.

The snooker table at Wool Hall studio (Gardiner Houlgate /PA)
The snooker table at Wool Hall studio (Gardiner Houlgate /PA)

Auctioneer Luke Hobbs, of Gardiner Houlgate, said: "Wool Hall has not been used as an active studio for some years but it is still a shame to see it go.

"There's been some terrific music made there, much of which is still relevant today.

"The studio was one of the West Country's best-kept musical secrets. Very few people knew it existed, including me - and I was in a band in the area."

The equipment going under the hammer includes the Euphonix CS3000 mixing console, a pair of Boxer T5 speakers, and the studio's snooker table.