Labour MP bruised and shaken after mugging

A Labour MP has been left "badly shaken up" and bruised after he was mugged on his way home from Parliament on Tuesday night.

Adrian Bailey, member for West Bromwich West, was near his home in Southwark, south London, when he was attacked by "up to six" hooded assailants at around 10pm.

One of the group jumped on his back before being fought off but another attacked Mr Bailey from behind, a statement from the MP said.

A third person blocked his exit with a bike, before Mr Bailey shouted for help to someone he thought was a passer-by.

They turned out to be a fourth attacker and the MP suffered "a number of blows" and was hit over the head with a "large milk container" during the struggle.

Mr Bailey handed over his phone and wallet before the attackers made off and he made his way home to call the police.

Despite some "bumps and bruises", he did not require hospital treatment.

The 72-year-old, who is a former chairman of the Business, Innovation and Skills Select Committee, returned to work on Wednesday morning.

He thanked the police and said the incident highlighted their value on the streets.

He said: "I appreciate that many other people have gone through what I went though last night and it really brought home to me the value of having bobbies on the beat to deter such attacks.

"Every member of the public deserves the right to walk about in a safe and non-threatening environment.

"The Metropolitan Police response has been excellent and they are working hard with me to identify the perpetrators of this attack."