Controversial plans for zip wire attraction withdrawn

Controversial plans for a zip wire attraction in the Lake District have been withdrawn.

Proposals for the zip wire line running across the Thirlmere reservoir, along with a cycle route circuit, were submitted to the Lake District National Park Authority by firm Treetop Trek Ltd last year.

But on Tuesday the company's managing director, Mike Turner, said they had been withdrawn with immediate effect.

Autumn weather Oct 24th
Autumn weather Oct 24th

He said: "We made it clear from the beginning of this process that we would not propose a scheme that was not supported by the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

"To date we have received two contradictory communications with the MoD, one supporting the scheme and the other opposing the scheme.

"The MoD's internal investigation into Thirlmere and into what they would be happy with at Thirlmere is ongoing and unlikely to be resolved in the next eight weeks, so on that basis we are withdrawing the application.

"We would like to sincerely thank all those who have supported us during this process. Their positivity has been hugely appreciated."

More than 3,476 letters and emails objecting to the scheme had been received , as well as a petition signed by 13,535 people opposed to the plans.

In a response published on the local authority's website, the Ministry of Defence objected to the plans and said the zip wire would pose a risk to low flying operations in the area.

It said: "This application could cause a significant hazard and it would significantly impact upon vital military training conducted in this area."

Objections were also received from organisations including the National Trust, which said the plans could "risk setting a precedent for further damaging developments".

The authority received 136 letters and emails in support of the plans.