Toddler's parents wait for decision in life-support treatment fight

The parents of a seriously ill boy are waiting to see whether they have won a High Court treatment fight with doctors.

Specialists at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool want a judge to give them permission to stop providing life-support treatment to 21-month-old Alfie Evans.

They say continuing to provide treatment is "unkind, unfair and inhumane".

Alfie's parents, Kate James and Tom Evans - who are in their 20s - disagree.

The couple want to move Alfie to a hospital in Rome for treatment which they hope will prolong his life.

Mr Justice Hayden analysed the dispute in a hearing at the Family Division of the High Court in Liverpool earlier this month and is due to deliver a ruling on Tuesday.

The judge visited Alfie in hospital and praised the boy's parents.

He said they had tried to explore every avenue and left no stone unturned.