Charlie Pearce victim reveals ongoing trauma following brutal attack

A young woman who was raped and brutally attacked by a teenager has revealed she is still troubled that her screams went unanswered.

The victim, who cannot be identified, said she has been "mentally and physically scarred" by her experience at the hands of Charlie Pearce.

In an emotional statement read out at the Old Bailey, she said: "I do not remember screaming when I was assaulted though I am aware that screams were reported to the police by various people that night.

"My screams did not stop my attacker from causing me further harm and nor did they help me be found so I could receive medical care I needed.

"Knowing that my screams did not change anything for me that night continues to trouble me."

She described how her life and ambitions had been "put on hold by Charlie Pearce's criminal actions".

"The six months which have now passed since I was discharged from hospital amounts to an ongoing period of time that can never be gotten back, time which has been taken from me and from how I live my life, without my permission and against my wishes.

"I am reminded on a daily basis - and sometimes multiple times a day - of the extensive trauma my body has endured and my mind cannot remember happening to me."

The woman said she still suffers from jaw pain, loss of hearing in her right ear and has bald patches.

They were all "physical reminders of the damage that was done to me by a complete stranger when I was walking home," she said.

She went on: "I am mentally scarred as well as physically scarred. I have had thoughts about hurting myself and ending my life because I feel that I cannot live with the knowledge I have that what happened to me has happened to me."