Ex-wife of security firm boss jailed after forgery allegations

The ex-wife of a London security firm boss has been given an eight-month jail term by a High Court judge after being accused of forgery during a legal wrangle following a marriage breakdown.

Mr Justice Zacaroli ruled that Soraya Henderson was in contempt of court after former husband Terry Neil made a series of allegations.

He imposed a prison sentence at a High Court hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice in London on Thursday.

Mr Neil and Henderson set up Manage Security Services, which supplied door staff to West End nightclubs, the judge was told.

Henderson formulated a plan to take control of the firm after their eight-year marriage ended in 2015.

Her ex-husband made allegations of forgery during a resulting legal wrangle and took civil court action after alleging contempt.

Henderson, who said Mr Neil boasted of being an "enforcer" for an organised crime family, denied wrongdoing

Mr Justice Zacaroli found a number of allegations proved - including an allegation that she had served a "witness statement exhibiting forged documents".

Henderson was led away by High Court security staff after Mr Justice Zacaroli concluded that she had to be jailed.

Mr Justice Zacaroli said Henderson told how she had become "very frightened" of Mr Neil following their split.

"She says that he became very intimidating towards her," said the judge in a ruling on the case.

"Ms Henderson paints a picture of Mr Neil as a violent and intimidating person."

The judge added: "She contends that he boasted to her, early in their relationship, of being an enforcer for an organised crime family in London."